Gippsland Veterinary Group are pleased to announce that we are the sole Australian and New Zealand distributors of SmartBlock – an innovative and reliable replacement for wooden blocks for treating cow lameness.

After years of research, Martin VanBeek, an experienced hoof trimmer and dairy farmer developed Smart Blocks in the USA. Smart Blocks are moulded to the anatomy of a cows hoof and are constructed from a soft plastic for maximum comfort. Their inner cavity is designed to more easily and accurately accommodate glue, ensuring fast adhesion and minimizing “do agains”. Glue is specifically targeted – avoiding the soft parts of the heel to improve recovery and avoid irritation. Unlike conventional wooden or plastic blocks – Smart Blocks softer and provide greater support to the cows hoof while healing. Smart Blocks are easier to fit, have longer retention times and are a similar price to conventional wooden blocks. Click here to see a YouTube video about Smart Blocks.

Smart Blocks are taking hoof health to the next level around the world. Smart Blocks ….

  • Flexibility and comfort for faster injury healing
  • Significantly greater retention
  • A non-slip sole ideal for walking on concrete
  • Are long lasting and durable
  • Are manure pump compatible
  • Use far less glue than wooden designs

For other Smart Block options we can also source – Smart Thins for thin soled cows and Bio Blocks which are completely biodegradable and compostable – just contact us to discuss your needs or click here to visit our online store.