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Carbon Neutral at Newhaven Gippsland Veterinary Group

Gippsland Veterinary Group’s Newhaven Clinic recently achieved carbon neutral status as part of the Totally Renewable Phillip Island campaign. The clinic was comprehensively audited for its carbon emissions and GVG committed to the installation of 10 kW of roof top solar in November 2021 to help the process. The clinic was audited for its power and vehicle usage and waste generation amongst other criteria. After the thorough assessment the remaining carbon usage per annum was offset for the next two years by purchasing carbon credits via carbon soil and vegetation sequestration with Bimbadeen Farm.

Bob and Anne Da
vie’s 340 acre Bimbadeen Farm adopts modern farming techniques and crop rotations to ensure that they have been carbon neutral since 2014. Sequestering strategies include absorbing atmospheric carbon by planting deep-rooted pastures. The practice naturally improves fertility and soil organic matter (SOM). GVG purchased “in-set” certificates for the next two years that ensure our carbon dioxide emissions are matched by dedicated plantings at Bimbadeen. In-set is essentially an offset where you can point specifically to the location of your sequestration – identified by GPS coordinates on a map. We’re very pleased to announce that our Newhaven clinic is now carbon neutral and we will continue to work across our clinics to reduce our carbon footprint into the future.