Routine And Emergency Cattle Services

At the Gippsland Veterinary Group we offer a full range of cattle services. We have up to 11 fully equipped production animal vets on the road every day to service your farm. Everyday services we offer include:

Sick Cow Examinations
Sick Calf Examinations
Lameness Treatment
Foot Trimming
Eye Cancer Treatment
On Farm Surgeries – LDAs, RDAs, Caesarians, Exploratory Surgeries
Calf Hernia Surgeries
Pregnancy Testing
Blood Testing
Heifer Teatsealing
Calf Dehorning
Bull Fertility Testing
Reproductive checks – metrichecking and non-cycler treatments
Post Mortems/ Major Disease Investigations

We also have an after hours emergency service for existing clients. Please call 5662 2818 for any after hours emergencies.