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Vibrovax Bivalent Vaccine 250 mL


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  • Prevents transmission of vibrosis to safeguard your heifers’ and cows’ reproductive potential
  • Vaccinating bulls annually with Vibrovax reduces the risk of bulls spreading vibriosis.
  • Vaccinating replacement heifers with Vibrovax may be necessary where bull control is problematic.
  • Vaccination of heifers and cows with Vibrovax may also be necessary to eradicate vibriosis from herds confirmed through testing to be infected.
  • Benefits include an increase in the number of females calving early

Product image is just illustrative. Always read the label before using any medication. Follow any instructions regarding withholding periods for meat or milking. On receipt of delivery confirm that the medication matches the medication that you ordered. If you require a material safety data sheet please contact us.

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