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Trifecta Cattle and Sheep 2.5 L


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Trifecta Triple Oral Drench for Sheep and Cattle

Combines three powerful active ingredients to kill internal parasites in sheep and cattle. Ideal for long term drench strategies the triple ingredient formula guards again resistance in cattle and sheep. 10.0 L container (each).

Active: 80g/L Levamisole hydrochloride, 45.3g/L Oxfendazole, 5g/L Cobalt (EDTA), 2g/L Abamectin, 1g/L Selenium (as Sodium Selenate)

For the treatment and control of internal parasites of sheep including those resistant to Macrocyclic Lactone (ML), Benzimidazole (BZ) or Levamisole (LEV) drench families.

For the treatment and control of internal parasites of cattle including those resistant to the Macrocyclic Lactone (ML) drench family.

To supplement diets which may be deficient in selenium and cobalt

Always read and follow directions on the product label.

Category:?Internal Parasites
Species:?Sheep and Beef and Dairy Cattle

Pack Size:?2.5L, 10L
Withholding Periods:?Meat = 21 days (Sheep and Cattle), ESI = (Sheep) 28 days (Cattle) 21 days. Milk = (Cattle) Do not use in lactating cows or within 28 days of calving. If cows calve earlier than 28 days the milk must not be used for human consumption for 28 days following treatment and calves fed this milk should not be slaughtered for 21 days. (Sheep) Do not use in pregnant or lactating ewes where milk is for human consumption.
Storage:?Store below 30 degrees

Do not use in lambs under 15kg or 6 weeks of age Do not use in calves less than 16 weeks of age or under 100kg

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