Preventative Herd and Flock Health

The old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ rings true for lots of diseases encountered in livestock. At GVG we’re not only trying to prevent devastating diseases but also improve the health and productivity of your animals.

We offer a portable set of scales for heifer weighing to determine reproductive readiness and consultations focusing on calf management to promote healthier calves, better growth rates and therefore more productivity over their lifetime. Our painless calf dehorning technique incorporates sedation and offers the opportunity to check for hernias and extra teats with ease.

Our new mobile cattle tipper crush makes hoof trimming and lameness examinations a breeze. We come to you and your cattle are kept comfortable and less distressed as we give their hoofs a complete make-over. The hoof trimming crush also gives us the chance to easily administer any other preventative treatments for each individual animal. Consultations analysing collar data from dairy cattle aim to detect subclinical health issues before they become apparent in the form of a sick, poorly-producing cow.

Many herds in our region are at risk of trace mineral deficiencies such as copper and selenium. Analysis of your herd/flock’s status can be performed by analysing blood tests and liver biopsies.

Early treatment of conditions such as eye cancers using cryotherapy extend the productive life of an animal by reducing the chance of spread to surrounding tissues. Surgical correction of umbilical hernias prevents the risk of gut entrapment and blockage.

Gippsland Veterinary Group are pleased to be the exclusive Australia and New Zealand distributor of Smart Blocks – the smarter hoof block. Smart Blocks are a pliable resin based design providing greater comfort to all of your herd. They are quicker and easier to fit, with longer retention and are contoured to the anatomy of the hoof. Smart Blocks are similarly priced to conventional wooden blocks. Smart Blocks use less glue and keep glue away from the softer parts of the hoof to minimise irritation and pain. Smart Blocks are manure pump friendly and are also available in a wholly biodegradable design. For hoof trimmers or veterinarians GVG can supply Smart Blocks to meet your needs just call our large animal clinic on (03) 5662 2251 and press option 2.

Management of intestinal worms has become trickier in recent years due to growing resistance issues. We offer faecal egg counts and advice on the most suitable worming practices for your livestock to reduce the build up of resistance on your property and make the most of the money you spend on drenching products. We also offer an extensive range of vaccinations at very competitive prices.

Smart Blocks comfortable soft hoof blocks for faster cattle recovery

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