Mastitis Management

Mastitis is a costly disease for dairy herds and with a team of vets skilled in mastitis management, we’re here to help you minimise its impact on your cows. We are Australia’s exclusive distributor of the Mastaplex which identifies the causative bacteria behind each suspected case of mastitis. Based on the Mastaplex results your local vet can prescribe the most appropriate treatment to ensure prudent antibiotic use. Mastaplex can be purchased and used on farm. It’s easy and fast to use. Simply pour each milk sample, and place it in the machine and Mastaplex will email your veterinarian the results within 24 hours. Mastaplex takes the guess work out of mastitis treatment. With the recommendation of the right antibiotic or whether antibiotics are required at all, Mastaplex will save you time and money by minimising antibiotic use. For more information about Mastaplex and how it can help you on on farm, speak to one of our vets today. Call us on (03) 5672 1044 and press option 2 and ask about Mastaplex, or visit

In Gippsland, if you’re experiencing high bulk milk cell counts our vets are available for on farm investigation and consultancy to troubleshoot these issues. The use of Teatseal in heifers has been shown to reduce the incidence of post-calving mastitis by 70% so it’s no wonder we invested in a custom-made trailer to make teat-sealing your heifers as safe and efficient as possible. Our team of vets and technicians work together to get through the procedure in a breeze. We bring our trailer to your farm and our team will Teatseal your herd in no time at all. With vets on our team, you’ll receive the best advice and recommendations while we are on farm.