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Corona Virus – Precautions and Processes

Large Animal Clients

Dear Clients – The Department of Agriculture has declared veterinary services “essential” and so our operations continue with just some necessary changes to assist with social distancing and hygiene precautions.

What We Are Doing

For your information our vets are observing social distancing and are only coming into our clinics when necessary to restock in which case stock orders and equipment are being left out for our vets by our staff so as to maximise social isolation. Similarly test samples are being dropped off without making contact with other staff. We are also adjusting our vet’s rosters so that vets are not spending time together in the same space and vets are working out of their cars and completing their paperwork on their iPads.

We can now offer you  a delivery service for large animal drugs. For a $20 fee we can deliver medications to your property and we will aim to do this within 48 hours.

How You Can Help

  1. Drugs and orders pick up. At our large animal clinic Leongatha, and our Wonthaggi and Foster clinics we have set up tables outside, where you can pick up your orders. To place orders just call us as normal. This step will help us observe social distancing for both your benefit and the benefit of our staff.
  2. Use our drug delivery service as noted above.
  3. On farm we will observe social distancing. All our vets will be observing good hand hygiene practices and cough / sneeze etiquette. Please join us in using these techniques to protect your staff and ours.
  4. Any of our staff that are sick will be staying home and if any staff develop flu like symptoms we will be instructing them to seek medical advice and treatment and testing. All of our staff will be observing government recommendations regarding self isolation or quarantine.
  5. If any members of your household or farm, show flu like symptoms or are in self-isolation or quarantine, please advise us when you make bookings for on farm visits. We will work with you to develop plans to manage your veterinary needs, while observing isolation.
  6. If we need assistance on farm or with horses, we may need to provide extra staff to assist with the job, we will discuss this with you when you call us

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us and discuss your needs. Working together we believe that we can continue to service your on-farm needs safely into the future.