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Meet Our Equine Team

We are very fortunate to have a team of highly experienced equine veterinarians and nurses at GVG Equine to serve your needs. Click on the button below to meet our team.



Colic and Emergency Treatment GVG Equine

Emergencies and Diagnostics

Our wide range of diagnostic equipment allows our equine vets to make the most informed diagnosis of your horse’s illness or injury.
As well as our GVG Equine Vets, our large animal vets are trained and well equipped to handle equine emergencies in and out of hours.
In hours call (03) 5662 2251 ext 2. and for after hours emergencies call (03) 5662 2818 note after hours charges apply

Pre-purchase & Lameness

We offer 2-Stage and 5-Stage pre-purchase examinations to aid potential purchasers in deciding if a prospective horse is fit for their needs. With our traditional weather patterns in South Gippsland and Bass Coast, foot abscesses are common. Our equine vets will get to the bottom of your lameness or poor performance issues with a thorough examination and recommendations for on-going care. To book a pre-purchase or lameness examination call us on (03) 5662 2251 ext 2.

Foal Reproduction Programs GVG Equine

Reproduction Services

From August to April we are busy welcoming and making new equine babies through the application of assisted reproductive technologies.




GVG Equine Horse Dentals Gippsland Veterinary Group

Preventative Health Care

The importance of preventative health care on performance and longevity is increasingly recognised. We offer a wide range of services including dental examination and treatment, faecal egg count testing and vaccinations.  Preventative health care and check ups will help minimise your veterinary costs in the long run. In addition to our veterinary only services we also offer a range of ancillary equine services including freeze branding and clipping.


Our Livestock and Equine Centre in Leongatha is equipped with padded stables, day yards and paddocks for hospitalisation and treatment of sick or injured horses, donkeys or ponies.




Corona Virus Update March 26th, 2021

Thanks for your patience and understanding with the measures that have been necessary to manage the Corona Virus. As of this date, our doors are again open for business. Clients may enter our Large Animal and Equine Center for drug and medications pick-ups or any...

Corona Virus – Large Animal Clients

Corona Virus - Precautions and Processes Large Animal Clients "Normal" Operations As of March 26th, 2021 we are essentially back to normal operations. We will continue to observe social distancing and room occupancy limits. Please use hand sanitiser provided in...