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Preventative Health Care

The importance of preventative health care on performance and longevity is becoming increasingly recognised. Some of the equine preventative health care services we offer include:

  • Health checks and vaccination – an annual health check is recommended to provide an opportunity to discuss any non-urgent issues (eg lumps, arthritis, weight management) with your GVG Equine veterinarian and to ensure that vaccinations are up to date. Annual vaccinations recommended for your horse include Tetanus / Strangles and Hendra.
  • Dental examination and treatment – our vets have received additional training with Equine Dental Veterinary Services to be proficient in equine dental exams, diagnostics and treatment. Examinations are performed under sedation to allow for a thorough, comfortable examination experience for your horse.
  • Routine surgeries – geldings, hernia repairs and lump removals.
  • Faecal egg counts and tailored worming programs – unlike other faecal egg counts available via the web, our Parasight technology allows for fast turnaround time at our laboratory facility and accompanying veterinary advice specific to your horse.
  • Identification – Microchipping, DNA/ID for Australian Stud Book
  • Insurance and breed society examinations
  • Clipping, with or without sedation

We also offer a range of ancillary services including freezebranding with or without sedation.