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Pre-Purchase Examinations

We offer 2-Stage and 5-Stage Pre-Purchase exams to aid potential purchasers in deciding if a prospective new horse is fit for their needs. These examinations involve a thorough clinical exam and lameness exam including flexion tests. Additional diagnostics can be performed at purchaser request or following veterinary recommendation during the exam. All examinations are conducted in accordance with the Equine Veterinarians of Australia guidelines and a completed report is provided at the end of each examination.

Lameness Examinations

Lameness is a common performance limiting and welfare issue in horses. Our vets are adept in investigating sudden onset lameness and those that occur more gradually over time – reducing your horse’s ability to perform at their best.

Following a clinical exam, your veterinarian may recommend nerve blocks to localise the cause of a lameness and therefore refine the use of imaging including radiography (Xrays) and ultrasound. Sometimes a thorough lameness exam can take many hours and lots of patience from both horse and owner.

Following diagnosis of the issue our GVG Equine Vets will provide a management plan catered to the injury affecting your horse.