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Equine Diagnostics and Emergencies

At GVG we are fully equipped with a diverse range of equine diagnostic equipment to allow thorough in-house or in-field workup of your horse’s illness or injury.

Our equine and large animal vets are highly experienced in the treatment of routine and emergency conditions such as:

  • Colic
  • Choke
  • Wounds
  • Sick horses/donkeys
  • Lameness
  • Foalings and sick foals

Our trade tools include:

  • Portable digital xray – wireless plate with portable view station for immediate image production and analysis
  • Portable ultrasound – reproductive scans, chest and abdominal ultrasound, tendon/muscle scans
  • Endoscope – respiratory endoscopy, gastroscopy for stomach ulcers
  • Blood profiles – option of in house bloods for quick turn around of results in sick animals. Horse side tests including SAA and lactate to aid in treatment decision making
  • In house IgG analysis – to assess transfer of antibodies in young foals.
  • Parasight analyser – faecal egg count technology, we can run your samples in house and give you results within 24 hours

Emergencies don’t conveniently occur during daylight hours. Our Emergency After Hours service is here to help you. Call our after hours number on  (03) 5662 2818 and our friendly after hours staff will help you determine if a veterinary visit is required. Please note that after hours fees and charges apply including a tele-consultation fee to speak to our after hours vet. GVG Equine is one of the few veterinary practices to offer an emergency after hours equine service. Our emergency after hours service is reserved for GVG clients. If you are not a GVG client, you should have an emergency after hours plan with your veterinarian or nearest equine specialists centre.

Equine Gastroscopy at GVG Equine