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Worming and Flea Products

Keeping your dogs and cats up to date with flea and worming treatments is important to their health and to yours. At Gippsland Veterinary Group we stock a wide range of products and can give you the best advice for effective treatments at the lowest cost. We stock Drontal, Advocate, Advantage, NexGuard and Bravecto brands. Worming and the treatment of other parasites is important to your pets health and also the health of your family. Most worm treatments are available in a handy chewables, or liquid form. Various products can kill the parasite Giardia which can be transmitted from dogs to humans. Almost 10% of dogs in Australia carry Giardia infestation. Our wormer treatments kill roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms in dogs and cats and also whipworms in dogs. Some products treat worms, fleas, ear-mites, lice and ticks together, whilst others focus on each of these pests individually. There are options for monthly treatments or three monthly treatments. Confused ? There’s such a wide range of choice your best option is to come and see your vet to get good advice. Visiting for your pet’s annual health check is the best time for our experienced vets to check the condition of your pet and confirm the best and latest treatment strategies. At Gippsland Vet Group we also carry a wide range of medicative shampoos, brushes and other treatments to keep your pet in tip top condition.