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Surgery and Imaging

Gippsland Veterinary Group has 6 fully equipped and modern clinics for small animal surgery and imaging across the Bass Coast and South and West Gippsland regions. Our clinics have surgical suites for both minor and major procedures and our highly qualified veterinary surgeons are experienced in a wide range of orthopaedic and soft-tissue surgeries. Our capabilities include desexings (castrations / speys) of cats, dogs and rabbits. Our experienced surgical team is also capable of more complicated procedures such as knee reconstructions (cruciate disease), cancer removals and bone fracture repair. Our Leongatha clinic can also offer Chemotherapy treatment for cancer treatment in dogs and cats. Our veterinary surgeons are supported by our fantastic team of caring nurses, with many years of experience in veterinary science. Together our team provides the highest levels of veterinary care and love for your pets while they stay with us.

Across the Gippsland Veterinary Group we have the latest digital Xray technology and Ultrasound equipment to help diagnose the best treatment for your pet. PennHIP XRays may be done in-house by our accredited veterinarian. PennHip Xray assessment provides an early estimate of the likelihood of canine hip dysplasia occurring for your dog later in life. The PennHIP method gives indications of canine hip joint laxity and requires the veterinarian to hold specific qualifications in this technique. The PennHIP method is very useful in determining surgical or breeding strategies in working dogs or pets for owners or breeders. Several of our locations also offer the latest in digital dental X-ray technology enabling us to give you the best recommendations for your pet’s dental care. GVG’s veterinary surgery and imaging capabilities set a very high standard across the Gippsland and Bass Coast regions. 

Our in-house laboratory equipment provides rapid results for bio-chemistry, haematology, histopathology and urinalysis profiles. These modern in-house laboratory facilities aid our experienced veterinarians in quickly diagnosing your pet’s condition and making recommendations for the best and most effective treatments. For more complicated conditions, our surgeons will collect samples and refer them to outside pathology laboratories for expert analysis and opinion.