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Food, Supplements and Accessories

Gippsland Veterinary Group stocks a wide range of cost effective food, supplements and accessories for dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and birds across our six small animal clinics. Our experienced nursing and veterinary staff can give you the best advice on managing your pet’s nutritional needs. Preventative medicine is the best strategy for successful pet ownership and optimal nutrition contributes significantly to your pet’s health and well being whilst minimising whole of life pet care costs. Choosing nutritional products and supplements to optimise your pet’s dental care can save you thousands in surgery bills over the lifetime of your pet. Our clinics stock a full range of dry and wet foods from Hills, Ivory Coat and IAMS and a wide range of bone and hide treats and chews.

When you visit us, browse our range of accessories for your pets including a wide range of dog leads, collars, name tags and control harnesses, jackets, feeding bowls, beds, balls and other toys. Don’t forget your feline friends we have lots of play toys, collars, behaviour sprays, bells, treats and comfy beds for cats as well.