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Small Animals

Surgery and Imaging

Our goal is the best vet care for cats and dogs. We have modern surgical theatres at our six small animal locations and we routinely perform desexings (castrations / speys) of cats, dogs and rabbits. Our imaging capabilities include modern digital X-ray and Ultrasonography. PennHIP XRays may be done in-house by our accredited veterinarian. We have a very experienced team of veterinary surgeons who perform complicated procedures such as knee reconstructions (cruciate disease), cancer removal (soft tissue surgery) and bone fracture repair (orthopaedic surgery) with very high success rates.

Vaccinations and Annual Health Checks

Our veterinarians are well versed in the latest recommendations and programs for protecting your pet’s health. We stock a wide range of vaccinations for cats and dogs including canine cough, parvovirus, distemper and infectious hepatitis for dogs and viral rhinotracheitis (FVR) and calcivirus (FCV) for cats. Most importantly we’ll give your pets a thorough veterinary examination and health check to ensure they are in tip top condition.

From Puppies and Kittens to Seniors

Gippsland Vet Group offer whole of life care for your beloved pets from puppies and kittens to senior citizens. We offer puppy schools and grooming and for our senior citizens we have all the latest treatments and supplements and injections for arthritis joint health, age appropriate nutrition advice and dental care for all ages. Our team believe in whole of life preventative care to give maximise the enjoyment and comfort of your pet whilst minimising veterinary costs to you.

Dental Care and Advice

Your pets can’t tell us when they are in pain. Appropriate dental care for your pets can ensure that they live a happy and healthy life and most importantly avoiding expensive dental bills for you ! Prevention is the best medicine – book your pet in today for a preventative dental health check up. At Gippsland Vet Group we follow best practice guidelines for dental care. Key signs are stinky breath, a loss of appetite or fussy eating. We offer dental examinations, cleanings and X-rays and we can teach you how to look after your dog’s and yes, even your cat’s teeth to help avoid the need for surgery. It’s all part of our goal to provide the best vet care for cats and dogs.

Worming and Flea Products

Our experienced veterinarians can give you the best advice to keep your dog or cat up to date with flea, worming and other healthcare products to keep your furry family member in tip top condition. There have been significant developments in flea and worming treatments over the years and now treatments are easier than ever. Our products cover heart worm, round worm, ticks, fleas and tape worms. Options range from chewables for dogs to spot on applications for cats. At your next visit ask about our options and our vets or nurses will be happy to have a discussion with you.

Food, Supplements and Accessories

Lastly, but most importantly we have lots of options for dog and cat nutrition and health supplements to match the stage of life of your pet from new borns to seniors. We use and recommend Hills, IvoryCoat and ScienceDiet nutitrional products and options include food for puppies and kittens, dental care, seniors and for arthritis and joint health. Our ranges include hypoallergenic and grain free options and we even sell …. treats ! Come in and see us and our friendly staff will talk you through the best options to suit your pets. If you need accessories and gear for your pets come see us for bowls, leads, harnesses, shampoo, beds and of course play toys.


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Our Wonthaggi Team is moving into our new world class veterinary center at 290 White Road on Wednesday 11th of December, 2019. Our clinic will be closed on that day.  Emergency calls will be redirected to either our Inverloch or Phillip Island locations. On Thursday...